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Here’s the plan ...

We take our already fantastic variety of strains and blend them together to make a super limited batch of uniquely flavored Jointz and Bluntz.

Watch for new combos on Facebook andInstagram @PuffMidz and scroll down to learn a little more about the flavors we’ve made so far.


My yellow in this case is not so mellow, in fact I’m tryin’ to say, it’s terpy AF! Real heads like their herb like they like their tunes: LOUD! Hey Joe!, if you and your band of gypsies want to get down on some of the loudest, headiest and lemoniest smoke this side of Electric Ladyland, then you’ve got to puff on these Bold as Lemon Bluntz. At 30%+ THC and infused with a ridiculous dose of super-potent kief, you’ll need to get the whole band together for this one.


Exhales taste like shiny metallic purple armor,
lemon haze, and the 60’s.


There's nothing like a good ol' fashioned rivaly. And until our friends to the south figure out a way for us to make our Midz down there, you know which team we're on! Sooner Pride all day baby! Put this one in the air with some real fans and enjoy the game.


Exhales taste like citrus and victory.


From the producers of Dude, Where’s My Kush, and Calmer Than You Are, comes a new terpene-rich adventure that will have you laughing your ass off and breaking character waaay before the DVD commentary. These bluntz have it all: action, suspense, romance and of course, piles of our special blend of heady kief. Tropic Thunder Bluntz are an instant classic, and fun for the whole (patient) family. Available now at a dope dispensary near you!


Exhales taste like lemon-lime Gatorade, blood flavored corn syrup and pyrotechnics.


Dude.........what happened last night! That's what you might say after sharing this mixture of Memory Loss and Kush Mints with your best bud. This sativa leaning blend will keep you moving through your daily adventures, just don't forget where you parked your car! Enjoy the strong peppery smell with a fruity undertone.


Exhales have a slightly minty flavor.


Like zoiks! We finally figured out what was in those dog treats! We blended our favorite gassy hybrid: Scooby Snacks, with Mai Tai and added some Kush. Then we covered the whole mysterious mixture with our house kief. The resulting blunt will make you see ghosts …and maybe even have you talking to your dog.


Exhales taste like classic Chem Dawg, Kush and purple drink.


A few puffs and you'll think you've been touched by the divine....or maybe you'll feel like you just got abducted?! Mixing up Miracle Alien Cookies with Kush Mintz creates this happy and uplifting blunt for your enjoyment. When you're looking for an effective pick-me-up to your normal routine, Miracle Mintz is all you need!


Exhales have a smooth orange flavor with hints of mint.


You can never be too careful …or can you? If you’re even considering stepping outside of the box or taking it to the next level, you will want to bring these bad boys along for the ride. Two kief-infused jointz ensure that you will be in the right head space when you attempt it, and then get you back down to earth when you make it to the other side. Just wear a damn helmet.


Exhales taste like Kush, sweet Blue Dream and victory. #respectthesend


I can’t feel Mai Face when I’m with you! …or anytime I smoke one of these Mai Face kief-infused Bluntz! We swung for the fences on this one and blended up two of our favorite flavors: Mai Tai and Pie Face and laced up the whole mix with a heavy dose of our house kief. This flavor bomb is sure to have you thinking it’s the weeknd.


Exhales taste like cherry pie and orange cookies (but I love it).


Nothing de-escalates a situation like a pair of kushy, kief-infused jointz. We took our heaviest hitter: Kush Mints, mixed in a few other sleepy time favorites and topped it all off with a special kief concoction that will make you perfectly calm dude. This one’s sure to tie the room together!


Exhales taste like old school water hash, mint leaves and …White Russians?


Probably the mildest blunt we’ve turned out to date. Very smooth and sweet. Great for anyone who coughs easily or likes to enjoy a tropical beverage at the beach or on the lake.


Exhales taste like oranges and margaritas (on the rocks, no salt).


Homeostasis restored to 100%! That’s what happens when you mix a Midz classic like Biohazard with a few of our minty and kushy favorites and throw handfuls of kief in the mix. “Now you guys are thinking locally, and we’re acting GLOBALLY!” 🌎


Exhales taste like peppermint patties, apple tarts and old-school water hash.


Nothing hits the spot on a hot summer day like a cool citrusy treat. And these Lemon Bar Bluntz are better than any dessert your momma’s gonna’ make! Best of all? – No one’s going to make you share with your little brother.


Exhales taste like lemon zest, burnt grapefruitand diesel fumes.


Someone’s been brewing Polyjuice! We’ve taken our dopest dope, Kush Mintz, and blended in secret ratios of other flower favorites and covered it in heaps of our house kief to create a unique and intense flavor experience. This blend’s terp profile is heavy on the cookie and maybe even a touch of old school Durban. Looking for a real entourage effect? 

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